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If It Is Predictable - It's Preventable

Secure One Security Firm recognizes the needs of every business and person. Our security consultants will evaluate your needs and custom build the right security solution for your business and lifestyle. Secure One Security Firm is and will become the backbone of your business.

United in Our Vision

Our vision is simple, really: Be the most trusted corporate service partner in a world of evolving risk. And when we make that promise to you, we live it out in our deeds and actions, every day.

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With local branches across North America, we're committed to securing your neighborhoods and communities. Find your local office here.

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Scalable, End-to-End Solutions

At Secure One Security Firm we understand that our strength and competitive advantage is and will always be togetherness. To help clients thrive by enabling Secure One’s team to work together effortlessly to ensure safety at all measures. Secure One prides themselves on being able to prevent situations that are predictable to be preventable because prevention is better than a cure. Secure One is here to protect and prevent. We are committed to our clients safety and upholding any promises made to our clients so they can assure they are receiving the best service within the industry. We work on a case by case basis assuring the best security blueprint for your staff and team.
Our Vision

Our vision is simple, really: Be the most trusted corporate service partner in a world of evolving risk. And when we make that promise to you, we live it out in our deeds and actions, every day.

You Matter

As a team member of Secure One Security Firm, you will enjoy the level of support and family oriented staff that we have. Every day, we recognize and reward Secure One professionals who go above and beyond for our clients with tokens of appreciation. Additionally, we celebrate employee anniversaries, offer referral bonuses, and much more.

What We Offer

Providing you protection is our only business

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Flexibility & Transparency

The catalyst to a business is its ability to have security. Today's safety is uncertain and unpredictable with a constant change in society everyday, minute and second. A successful security team needs to have a strategic plan to accommodate irregular changes within the area or ones day to day. Our strategic assessment for all partners is to assess risk management and maximize safety for each individual within the business and or presents of our team. We are here to be more than a security company but an added addition to your team.

Our Priority

At Secure One Security Firm flexibility is a priority we value. As one of the fastest moving Security firms based in Charlotte Nc, we apply over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience to your organization and streamline your operations by making sure each one of your employees, family members and/or properties feel secure. Our strong relationships with our employees and partners allows us the advantage to deliver outstanding results of solicitation clean up, gun control, fight prevention and many more.

Career With A Family

At Secure One Security Firm, you can become a part of a family that cares about your success LONG TERM. With drive and determination your career here at Secure One Security Firm can be limitless. We promote within to assure that each member of our family is being pushed to their full potential along with achieving their success of greatness. You will have access to the best training and education, so you can build your skills and knowledge. With our continued organic growth, new opportunities are available consistently.