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The People Behind Secure One Security Firm

Our executives extensive experience spans three decades providing integrity and the highest levels of security and safety for clients from many cultures. They are knowledgeable on security in many industries but we are most known for residential, bars and lounges, retail, construction, banking, manufacturing /distribution and many other industries. While fully understanding the unique needs of each industry that we service, as well as our tailored approach. In an industry known for consolidation, our team is committed to organic growth and exceptional customer service.

Secure One Security Firm

Secure One Security Firm is different. Since we began in 2019, we did not want to become another security firm. Instead, we built a client-centric model that delivers real results for clients and the communities we serve. We have supported that model with education, training, opportunities, and appreciation for our officers.The results that we have received from our approach has benefited our clients, firm andguards. Clients stay with Secure One Security Firm year after year allowing us to grow with them at a rapid paste while still giving quality service. Our employee retention rateis well above industry average. While annually adding new programs for our officers to keep them sharp for all clients. Each year we add a new division to Secure One Securityto widen our service offerings.While still offering professionalism, integrity and diversity to the security industry. Hereat Secure One Security Firm we believe that “If it’s Predictable It’s Preventable”.