Tailored Security Solutions

What We Offer

Providing you protection is our only business

Is protecting your business a safety concern of yours? Does having skilled knowledgeable guys with over 30 years of experience watching over your facility give you peace of mind? Will this give your staff and visitors the comfortability to feel safe? Would your organization benefit from a tailored solution or blue print? If the answer to more than one question was yes. Then Secure One Security Firm is the Firm to help build your tailored solution today. We focus on customizing a plan to exceed your vision of safety and security measures. We tailor or guard to understand the ends and out of each of your locations we cover and understand your staff; that way Secure One feels and is an added addition to your staff. In addition to having daily incident reports sent after every shift and GEO location software to assure guards are where they are supposed to be and doing their job in a timely manner.

Services We Provide

Some of the services we offer but not limited to 

Unarmed Security Guard

Our Security officers serve as an extension of your organization and added support to ensure safety and security of your facilities and operation. Each officer is tailored for you. To know the innermost details about your facility, people and processes so they can seamlessly control access and safety. Officers will always be located at the front entrances, exit doors and floating to assure safety measures of all square footage. Each guard is trained to search, pat down and check ID’s for locations these rules are promotable at. Each Officer will fill out a data report at the end of the shift to explain what occurred as well.

Patrol Car Services

Our Officers serve as an extension to your family; while learning your daily schedule, itinerary, blueprint of any properties. To secure you and your families at all times. We focus the majority on 24 hour protection while being able to dedicate a car and officer to your home around the clock.

Private Protection

Officers working for the community to be able to assure the safety of all who live there. Each officer has a phone number for the time they are on the shift so that each tenant/homeowner can be able to contact them in a timely manner to talk to someone who is actually available on the scene.

Security Consulting Services (Administrative)

This service allows one of our consultants to come out to your property/ business assets, the situation going on and the square footage to write you up a 3D blueprint of how your security team should be run.

Understanding Your Industry